Decluttering Tips

Stop making excuses and start your Spring cleaning 🙂 Ask yourself these questions to determine if an item is worth keeping or donating.

1. Have I used this in the last year?
If your answer is no, it’s time to donate.

2. If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?
If the answer is no or probably not – time to donate.

3. Am I only keeping this item because I don’t want to waste money?
Think of it this way: you wasted money when you bought an item you don’t use. By donating the item you can receive a tax deduction and re-coup some of the cost.

4. Am I holding on to this for sentimental value?
Some items are forever items but often we can sort through some sentimental items and keep a few small things close to our hearts in a memorabilia box.  Take a photo of items you are willing to donate – this way you have a way of keeping them with you forever.

5. Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?
If yes, then get donate one of them – and voila more space!

6. Do I have a realistic plan to use this?
Remember, be honest yourself about if you really plan on using an item for a future holiday or special occasion. Make sure you have a concrete plan to use the item, and if you don’t then consider donating it.

7. Does it fit me or my living space?
You may love it, but do you have space for the item or does it even match up with your current decor? Your space is sacred, if it is not useful considering donating it.

8. Am I holding on to a broken item to fix in the future?
Fix it now, or if you don’t get around to fixing it soon, then donate, toss or recycle it depending on the condition. Some broken furniture and crafts are perfect fixer-upper and DIY projects for thrift shoppers.

To make a donation, just drop off gently-used items at any of our three locations. We’re also glad to pick up any large or heavy items you can’t move on your own. Call the resale shoppe closest to you to schedule a pick-up.

Three Convenient Locations:


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